I went to the gas station yesterday because
we needed butter for cookies, but they had none.
So I bought a silly thermos cup with
some sort of cow pattern on it instead. Now I can have the
convenience of coffee to go... at home! Actually,
that´s pretty dumb. But I have spilled tea,
coffee, water and beer on various occasions,
even destroying my old modem this way. So
I rather play safe and sip my coffee
out of this plastic container.

That´s my life - each day a new adventure!!!


Anonymous said...

nice story fred! You're life's always got neat twist and turns ;)

Nice wood man btw! Very nature friendly.. ;)


Jeannette said...

You love cookies. That's all you ever talk about. I bet you keep a warm plate of fresh baked cookies next to you while you draw. And you could also put some milk in your new cow thermos. Are you Santa?

Sorry, I must have this holiday on the brain. As I type this I am sitting next to a very patriotic red/white/blue Christmas tree (in Texas, yeehaw).


Frederik Jurk said...

I am somehow glad nobody went like saying "duh huh, you said WOOD", although I had that in the back of my mind while posting it. Although I THINK Ariel got it, your post is a bit fuzzy on this matter ;)

And cookies? We made some and I ate them, but I don´t love them as much as potato chips. I could (but shouldn´t and don´t) eat them all day.

*crunch munch*

Anonymous said...


I say..."nice wood man"???..... and "very NATURE friendly"???????



I'll officially leave Blogger now :/

It was nice knowing you all.


August Schwimmer said...

da wird ja der hund in der pfanne verrückt:...erinnert mich an eine "legalize it!" parade... ach ich bin einfach zu faul zum english schreiben.

jim bradshaw said...

I love your butterless adventure. Stupid things crack me up. And you tell that Jeanette gurl that cookies are cool and no one on this earth should ever have to defend loving them. But chips kinda are better. 8)