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Our squirrel likes his food the sophisticated way.
Pffft. Arrogant rodent.


esillustration said...

AH! *screams*

Jeannette said...

Me & Liz are going to fly from Boston to Germany to come thank you for this piece! I know you know Liz is obsessed with Squirrels, but how did you know I love martini's and cigarettes?! New desktop background! (and no, it isnt a furry fetish, you pervert!)

AG said...

your squirrel should be friends with my dog then. :P

Anonymous said...

You better not tell your GF about these too Boston-ites Fred! They're starting to like your work... (*ALOT!)

By the way... you got room for a bunk mate there?


johnnynorms said...

Seeing the acorn in there made me grin. Hmm the squirrels 'round here are all grey and cheeky yobs.

Frederik Jurk said...

Boy, this little mammal produced a wave of love across the continents. I like drawing people drinking and smoking even though I drink only moderately and never (*cough cough*) smoke.

And Ariel, do you really think my GF doesn´t read the blog of her own boyfriend? Tsk tsk. Maybe I have a bunk for you in our flat (a so called "Koje"), but you seem to be pretty large so you might need to get folded. ;)

Later, people!

Frederik Jurk said...

Oh, and Johnnynorms... My intention was to mention the acorn in the description, problem is... it shares the same word in german with "bell-end". While I was 99% sure that acorn was the right term, I was afraid to pick the wrong term and choose bell-end instead.

I SWEAR I´m not making this up. I wish I would. ;)

Anonymous said...

Dont even "joke" about my being large Fred... (*is my gf listening?)