Back in (digital) town!

Awaking from my christmas-induced
wintersleep, here is a new piece. Seems
that everyone is very busy with their
non-illustration things like visiting their
families and doing the general christmas stuff,
and so did I. But now it´s time to dust off
the powdered sugar and cinnamon,
streching the hands and going back
to work.



Jeannette said...

That's a really cute piece. Were you going for cute? Because it is. Maybe I should think of another word to use for it. Oh, but look at the feet! So cute!

I still have candy cane stuck in my hair, so my blog reentry may be a bit slower than yours.


johnnynorms said...

Still enjoying and in awe of your drawings Frederik.

My older brother had a Thin Lizzy album, I only ever had the Whisky in the Jar single.