Illustration Friday: "Peace"

Much more digital manipulation this
time around - it gives the image a very
violent character.

The figure has two peace doves
in her hand, and she get shot in
the foot.

Hope doesn´t
mean that you have to succeed,
it means that you try anyway.
And even though war will
always exist this doesn´t mean
we shouldn´t strive towards peace


Jeannette said...

The face is very creepy. Nice "Operation" style bones. Original stuff. I dont know if I'll participate in IF this week, because all I can think of drawing is hippies and circled chicken feet.

BINO said...

very nice work, graphic and original!




Mac McRae said...

I agree this is very cool. Your style rocks frederik. I like the style of your stuff. It has a nice automatic quality to it. And it is very original.

August Schwimmer said...

hej, falls du magst: god jul!
ach und hach, ich vermisse den geruch von napalm am morgen!
damals im dschungel, das waren noch zeiten...

Frederik Jurk said...

Lieber Clay-Mant,
Ich verstehe deine cineastischen Anspielungen durchaus. Auch dir ein gutes Iksmes!

esillustration said...

*blam* Love these colors. I love the new layout too.

Anonymous said...

*I didnt comment on this post??.. what am i thinking???

i think this is one of my favourite fred drawings yet(*besides the Thanksgiving post.. that's on my desktop ;)

It tells a great story and of course.. drawn remarkably.

three cheers