Bracelets and braces... or just braces (and monkeys)

I had one of those when I was younger.
Not monkey with a helmet, but braces.

A friend of mine told me that she was
talking with another girl that all of a sudden
stopped talking mid-sentence and started crying -
because the wire that connects the single braces
went off and jabbed into her gums.

There is so much pain in the world. Looking back
I can laugh about it (reconsidering it, I don´t), but as
a teenager who was about to turn 18 (yes, it was THAT late)
having braces felt like public humiliation.

But better than running around with a major
overbite for the rest of my life.

(EXCLUSIVE TEASER: Tomorrow I will
post some photos of my desk, my room, and maybe
the street where I live. Or maybe not. You know,
whenever I feel like it!)


Ariel said...

LOl... awesome drawing Fred!! You've done it again!

Good story too. I also had retainers growing up.. and my story is that i must have lost like 3 pairs of them!! This would happen when i had lunch at school, and i took them off to eat. I would put them in a paper towel.. and well... i threw them out!!

My parents werent too happy.. haha.. :)


esillustration said...

does he need a tissue? looks like he is a bit chilly!

Mac McRae said...

What an excellent style! I love the expressive scribblyness.Very unique.

Yujin Sick said...

nice man :)