I like to draw spurs

Spurs and boots all the way.
Not that I want to wear them myself.
I doubt you can buy spurs that look
as cool as these ones.
Everytime I try to draw different
shoes they all look like skate sneakers
with fat laces and that looks dumb.

(EDIT: Jeanette informed me that it´s not SPORES
but SPURS, so I changed that. I COULD try to
draw spores next time around though... but
I doubt I would like to draw them as much
as I do with spurs.)


Anonymous said...

Fred... i didnt understand a single thing you said there about spores and boots.. but what line work!

You know, i never really commented on your line work before(i dont think) having looked at this dude up-close, ... are those "swirly" lines running down the pant??? Are you kiddin' me?? That's amazing! Thats' detailed patience my friends..

Two hula hoops and a beer for yu! ;)


Jeannette said...

I think they're called spurs. Of course I only know this because a cowboy just walked by and tipped his hat at me.