Illustration Friday: Mask

Here is the second picture

I could have used some previous
pictures I did, but hey, it´s not that IF
is some boring work that has to be done
anyways. In this one, I played with
the colours a bit more than I usually
do, and used more subtle tones.
After the very bold (and not very
serious) colour experiments of the past I
chose evolution instead of revolution which,
in my case, is the better choice I guess.

Check back during this week,
there might be new updates on this
topic here!

Yeah, I love this topic, as much
as I love drawing masks.
Maybe next weeks topic is
"random things", and after that
"stuff" or "stuff that is drawn in a cool
way". Can´t wait for it!


HARDWAX said...

I like the energy and demand for attention from the gods-a scene of ritual and many masks.
Love the artwork, and color choices, very cool piece!

Alina Chau said...

WOW!! AWESOME, love the surreal style!!

atomicblondie said...

This is a beautiful illustration - very powerful!

Jeannette said...

How did the IF gods know about your obsession with masks? The only thing that could have been better for you than "mask" this week would have been "nipple". You love drawing nipples (OK, one too many Québecois cocktails for me tonight).



Jeannette said...

And, by the way, your blog is turning into quite a prolific catalogue of your work. You pump out these works like some sort of insane robot drawing machine with pencils as fingers and an eraser elbow and a digital painting brain. Dont burn out. Remember to eat and drink plenty of water.

Nicole said...

Congratulations! At your age you are already a great artist: you have many ideas and the capacities to express them very well.

Diane Duda said...

very unique! love it!

Michelle Lana said...

Very cool!

harmoniousjosh said...

I've officially signed up for your fan club.

My admiration is only outweighed by my petty jealousy.

Drazen said...

great colours too

studio lolo said...

Very interesting and well done!!

Natura said...

Like your illustration style and personality so much.

Great work!

Anonymous said...

Love this multi-headed masked, angelic marathon man Fred... an good colours..

I agree with Jeannette.. quit now!!, cut off your ear, become insane.. and sell all your work now.. before you die! You could be livin it UP right now in Bermuda or somethin.. ;)


Chuang Shyue Chou said...

You have a very distinctive stylised form, I like it. Did it take it long to develop this particular style of illustration?

Frederik Jurk said...

For Chuang,

That´s hard to say. There are a lot of influences here and there, but overall it was just a slowly growing procedure instead of "choosing" a style. A painful process at time, and certainly not very easy at times, but insisting on my very personal feeling of what looks good influenced that for sure. So the only answer I can give is, it FELT like a long time to develop this (and it is still changing and evolving from day to day).

And thanks to you all for all your comments! I feel honoured!


Terry said...

I really like the background, the building etc. The wings are also interesting, and gives me an idea of something I can add to my entry this week!

John Coulter said...

Your style is terrific. I always love your linework


Jan said...

wow. i really like your style and enjoyed looking through some of your work! i'm sure i'll be returning to this blog many times in the future