No milk today... da da da da dumm daaah...

At my families old flat in Mainz - I don´t really
like Apple computers but this feature is nifty!

Today is my lazy day. Hanging around, doing the dishes
(Merle forced me
to - do you know the meaning of BOHEMÈ?
Actually, doing the dishes is the only household thing I can
do at least moderately good, so that is my job),
her mom, and suddenly I am too
tired to come
up with something new.
Well, this is a very
rare occasion,
but I just have to do a post

So, thanks for all those overwhelming comments,
I guess I got the hang of what
my visitor prefer.
So I decided to do a little
"Series" meaning "doing the same
picture with minor
modifications over and over
HA! A loophole. Art is great.

This blog portraits my struggle to entertain you at
all costs. WILL I SUCCEED?


Anonymous said...

I'm supremely entertained.... See Fred, you dont have to make us ALL look bad by drawing a full finished drawing a day.. Photos and day to day chore stories are great fun!

I think i'll post somethin tunight on my cat vomiting on my bed.. now that's life! :)

PS- i didnt mean to stop drawing.. i just ment stop being so good ;)

Anonymous said...

Fred??.. whats the magazine that you sent me the link to about?

It's called allegra.. but whats it about?


Jeannette said...

Nice Mondrian print in the background, how Deutsch... I mean, Dutch.