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Yeah! Post number 34! Alright!


esillustration said...

not to be squirrely or anything but i think it see a nutsack

Frederik Jurk said...

I prefer the beauty of the human body over prudish feelings of shame. A nutsack, you´re right ;)

Lex vd Oudeweetering said...

Hello Frederik

I like your style as well. And that's a double reason why I do not mind, you link my blog.
Somehow likings of work match, because esillustration has been commenting on me as well lately. By the way she really wants to see nutsacks , because you really have to look hard to notice it.
Blogger is very strict in sexual content. They removed contents on my blog when I published two drawings I made about a dream of my about a 4 or 5 year old boy who threw a bucket of sand over the naked underbody of a woman and playing with a sandtruck and hoisting crane between her spread legs. i thought the dream was about the innocence/playfullness of desire, but probably someone took offence from it.
I will link you as well

ALTAMIRA said...

y saludo

Anonymous said...

Congrats on post 34 Fred! (*Little asian man behind this aquatic mask is celebrating for ALL of us)



Jeannette said...

All liz ever talks about is nuts. And teabags. AYO!

Opps, I forgot who's blog I am commenting on. My New Years resolution will be not to put encrypted messages for Liz on other people's blogs.

I like all his toes.

Maybe tomorrow you'll draw a squirrel?