Post number fifty. Just saying. Yes, that´s the title.

Sitting on my desk: Our bathroom shelf.
It came down this morning, causing a hell of a
mess since my girlfriend had to go to work. The
walls of our flat are porous, and this shelf is
pretty heavy. It already came down once
(and by coming down I mean "doing a unpleasant
sound and moving down a few centimetres, causing
panic"), and I never really liked it, even though
it´s my old flat´s kitchen shelf. I never bumped my
head on the sharp edges of this monster though; only
Merle did. But I slammed against it as revenge
for her.

So this afternoon I ripped out the plastic lids and voilá, my
new desk board. Also displayed in this picture:
The last bite of my salamiwurst sandwich.


Jeannette said...

Now that's a proper setup.

And salamiwurst? What's that? Eww. You're not kidding about this German thing, are you? :)

Frederik Jurk said...

You don´t know Salami? It´s mostly italian (kinda like peperoni). Nobody in their right mind actually says "salamiwurst", though. That was just random.

August Schwimmer said...

AHHHA der Spunk ist auch schon da!
Und er muss bald wohl leider und gänzlich auf den Müll.

Frederik Jurk said...

Meine Fresse, was du alles entdeckst. Du bist ein altes Schlitzohr!

Anonymous said...

LOL... That's ME on your computer!(*you planned that didn't you?)

And candle on desk... nice touch. I have one on my desk to grab all my cooking odours that treck into my desk area..