Illustration Friday - "Help"

Instead of making a concept first I
made if fit this weeks topic as I went
along. I guess if I actually thought
about it properly it would have turned out
boring, like some random figure needing
help or a random figure helping another
random figure that needs help. Or a random
figure that needs help but isn´t helped by
another random figure since that other figure
needs help in some way too. Well,
enough of that.

Some cookies we ate today.
What a great brand name, "Quick Bury".
Maybe that indicates that you´ll get
buried quickly after you eat them.
I am not dead yet, but a nasty headache
is coming up. I should read the fine print
(or bold print for that matter) next time.

Also, those triangle backpacks
were called "bodybag" in germany.
It wasn´t until later that my girlfriend told me that
bodybags is the term for these bags that
are used to put dead people
in them.

Too bad I didn´t have a bodybag
to put my Quick Bury cookies in it.


Mac McRae said...

This guy rules! I love the feet.
Bet that nose would make Freud blush and scratch his head. Very cool style you have.

Princess Pepper Cloud said...

I like your decision to keep to a limited color pallet, it really gives the piece a nice graphic feel.

marcisenders said...


Anonymous said...

Fred? Did you come up with the whole "style finds you" speech before you told me it or after? :)Great line by the way...

This illo is great.. as always, but you're sort of contradicting yourself with what you say in your paragraph.

By this i mean.. you wouldn't want to imagine and draw an "easy" way out of this theme, "help". As much as i love the song, this image might have a been a liiiiiiittle predictable.

And like you once said to me... EXATURATE!!!!.. I give right back at you(*but only theme wise, not technicaly ;)

Just my two cents broda' ;) (*from another... forget it :)


Jeannette said...

That's totally a self portrait, Frederik. I can tell by the lips.

(and it seems that we keep the same hours, only in different time zones)

aynaku said...

great style...i like your dude's pose and the wholw composition...
funny writing as well.

August Schwimmer said...

ERLAUBEN sie werter fremder, das ich - mich in den staub werfend - bei ihnen vorstellig werde mit der biddee mir eyn erlaubnis zum regelmaeßigen besuch ihrer (mir schon seit eyner weyl sehr liebgewohnenenen) seite zu erteilen.
ich muss allerdins g'stehen, ich kam schon öfter um die ecke.
l8tOr croco, deyn maxen

Frederik Jurk said...

Liebgewonnenster August,
Es ist mir stets eine große freud, mitunter eine Ehr gar, sie in meinem Kreyse der feingestimmten Kunstschmecker erlesener Genüße einreihen dürfen zu können. Auf daß wir noch viele Male gemeinsam das Pfeifchen wahrhaft großen Zusammenseins schmauchen dürfen!

Jeannette said...

Hey, no talking in secret codes! :)

esillustration said...


Natura said...

Love his feet too, he's so charming. Hope he gets who he's looking for.

ratlion said...

Cool style...

Rick Lovell said...

Terrific drawing. Reminds me of a fresh version of Jack Unruh...a VERY good thing.

Jan said...

great illo. now i'm gonna have that song stuck in my head the whole day!