Don´t be a square!

Today, I just took my paper and pencil
and sat down on my futon (well, the western
interpretation of a futon - I highly doubt you could
roll this collossus here together and
store it in a wardrobe like the japanese ones
are handled) and drew while listening
to NDR4 INFO, the excellent northern
germany news station. I am a bit sick
of sitting at my desk at the moment, I just
can´t get a comfortable position.

Some people say working in bed is a
bad idea since the body automatically
goes into "standby mode" if you lie down
comfortably - what a truckload of nonsense.
Sitting on my bed drawing and listening to
someone talking reminds me of my childhood
and makes me feel good - sitting at the desk
only makes me feel like I am in office or

(Although I´d love to experience the
atmosphere in a typical cubicle office just
for one day - wearing a tie, having ballpens
in my shirts pocket, drinking lots of coffee
and surfing the web when I should be
working, maybe because I´ve seen
this video.)

Besides, sitting on chairs
is stupid. Reclining on the
sofa - that´s the life!

And no pretty photos to look
at for today - it got dark and the
batteries of my digicam are empty.
Lies and excuses, but what the heck.
I´ll do that tomorrow. Maybe.


esillustration said...

like a mobster square head man?

Jeannette said...

Sorry, Liz is bored because I'm in Montreal for a few days. :) Haha

I enjoy drawing in bed also, even though I have a sweet IKEA armchair for my desk(s).

I like the colors in this piece, and how the sweater matches the lips. And drawing freckles/pimples is the one of my new favorite things.

And about my paper doll, yes, it will be a series! I want accessories! accessories! And the postcard idea is great, and thank you, now i'll be stuck in my sketchbook for the next six hours despite me being on vacation.

And as far as a photo of myself, you must not have been paying attention, I'm sure there was one hidden in this post.


Jeannette said...

Oh, wait, I didnt want to type "<3jeannette" I wanted to write:

<3fat emo guy

Anonymous said...

Great post on the subject of drawing in bed! I was gonna draw an invention for you of a kinda along the lines of a "lazy boy" and a drawing table.. I've actually thought this idea through a while back.. but dont have the visuals right now.

I'll keep ya posted ;)