Sha la la la la, la la la la laaa

Dubi dam dam, da dubi dabi
dubi da.

Shit music never dies.


esillustration said...

look at that bum!

Jeannette said...

Liz, I was going to say that!

Frederik Jurk said...

He´s a bit out of shape - obviously he quite a slacker most of the time.

Anonymous said...

HAAHAA... this truly made my day Fred..(*and its only 9AM!)

Good thing you trade marked Bedman.. that's a genious idea ;)

Though.. can you tell him he can't really save "anyone" while in bed! (*or can he?...)


Anonymous said...

OMG.. I couldnt stop staring at how bad(and bad, as in bad) this was...

Did this girl practice this song in front of a mirror about a zillion times before recording it??

What an annoying song :/


Frederik Jurk said...

They have a couple of other songs that sound nearly the same. Cookie-cutter songs, to put it in your terms. ;)