The boy is back in town

Guess who just got back today?

I told you I was going to make a
little series, and as I started off I looked
on the old one pretty often, especially when
I was about to colour it. After a lot of
tries I scrapped the colour scheme of the
first one completely and went with this
greyscale/brownscale + yellow and blue

The downside of every single work being unique
is that I have to start all over again with each
work - whenever I did something I liked and
tried drawing it in the exact same way it NEVER
worked out as good. My approach is drawing the
whole picture in one sitting and with zero sketches
before that, so there is a big amount of randomness
in my images. While that is definitely much more fun for
me than doing boring sketches before instead of just going
at it, I sometimes can´t repeat things that easily.

On the other hand, I can´t be trapped in doing
the same things over and over again, and personally
I am glad that this one turned out a bit different than
the first. Still, this time it was a lot harder because
I had the old one constantly in mind.

(Initially, the stripes on his shirt were
black-red-gold, the german national colours,
but after some time I found that pretty cheesy
and I don´t care for soccer anyway, let alone
the german national team. I LOVE drawing figures
playing soccer, on the other hand. Weird. Maybe because
it´s such a dynamic motive?)

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Great colouring job Fred! Love the yellow with electric blue.. very nice..

The short-shorts are nice "retro" touch too.. hahaa..