_.,+-,-,.-e+ß(*#+#+-;:_a,._ (Experimental title)

Today it didn´t flow very well, although I managed to
sketch for a complete hour without break in bed this morning.
So while I didn´t feel very inspired I forced myself
to do something at least moderately good - I think this is
better than taking a day off as soon as it gets a bit

This is my desk. Pretty unexciting, huh?
I wish this all would look a bit more professional; and
since the PC takes up so much space it doesn´t even
look like I do art there. And the monitor
doesn´t even display an illo in progress
but an ugly email browser window.
Anti-climatic to the max!

And sadly even the full view of this
photo doesn´t reveal any more details since my
camera has so much problems doing non-blurred
pictures. Megapixels my ass; no use for this many
of them if they all display blurry views.

(Check out the random coins to the right!!!)

My two favourite pencils. The green one is
from Faber-Castell, the red one a
Papermate Sanford PhD I just bought
today. Looks like some company has been
"slightly influenced" by the other one, and
my rough estimate would be that Faber
is the one to blame. But whatever,
I love them both. They look so adorable


josh said...

nice blog! the countless self portrait photos are crazy....I'm not quite sure what to say about them

Anonymous said...

It's amazing how of all the "talented artists" work spaces i've been to, they have such FEW inspirations on their wall!(My friend Q in Montreal too!) What's up with that??? I guess all your inspiration is in your head huh.. i knew it..)

What's with the sock Fred?? Having one of your (rare) un-inspired moments? ;)

Tomorrow's Friday Fred!! .. FRIDAY! :)

mr. a

Jeannette said...

I like when you draw humans, especially when they have spurs on. Like the picture on your wall. The "wind" and "smoke" IF piece has always been one of my favorites of yours. He looks so cold. Smokers are always cold when they're forced to go outside for a butt. Especially all the way to a dock.

And I hope your pencils have a happy life together.