I want revenge!

I am mildly pleased with how this
turned out - after all, I had a can
of cheap beer in my system, but
maybe that even helped. I haven´t portrayed
anyone since the time dinosaurs ruled
the earth, and I left that alone once
I realized I am only moderately good
at it. Ariel´s profile photo is
called "Mewithdrink_sml", before you

From the surprised
yet competent "Ariel with Ariel" photo (instant
classic!) to the old blog profile photo
(where you really can´t see that much) to the
"haven´t shaved since days" and the recent one
which reminds me of Adam Sandler somehow
(James Bond has the same synchro voice as him
in the recent movie in germany - uuh boy, bad idea),
my idea of how Ariel looks like got fuzzier
and fuzzier. Who IS this man? How come
he has so many faces in his repertoire?

On a sidenote, drawing from photos
is boring. Drawing hands, moving
people and paper dolls like a certain
emotional masculine person does is
good. Drawing dogs, squirrels, ravers,
horses, monkey with braces, naked
asian helmet boys, knights, ducks,
idiots, jetpacks and all that stuff isn´t so bad
either. Dragons that poop out gold
nuggets is excellent stuff. Rendering
japanese cars, pancake-faces, goths with
wands and skater dudes gets my applause

Hey, my can is empty.

Erm, so long. Tomorrow
I am going to kick mask!
Well, I think this is funny.


(Old post:)

Ariel portraited me.

If anything is worth an own post,
this is. The battle is on, my friend!
Prepare to be OWNED!


Anonymous said...

*shit.. i am really scared... REALLy scared.. (*no sarcasm here)

**Why did i have to go off and portrait a talented artist...?... WHY???


Jeannette said...

This is very good. I like everybody`s obsession with their location. By the way, Canadians love Canada, they fucking love it. I`m there right now, they dont shut up about it. Most of them actually do have little flags coming from their brains.

I think it`s funny you dont like drawing from photos, even though you didnt really attempt at photorealism. Imagine doing that painting I did of Liz as a slug. I had to use photos because she would never sit for that long. A slug might have, but not Liz.

And I`m trying to find ways to end that fat emo guy joke. Mostly by ignoring it. Hmmm.


Anonymous said...

Good work my man! I gotta say... i admire someone who prefers drawing from the head, than from a photo. imagination is a hard thing to come by... and you've got plenty(*dragon's that shit nuggets :?

i like the drawing.. though i have no upper lip! :0 i guess you dont care about how i chew my food eh?.. haha.

jeanette?... I dont think canadians love canadians as much as americans love americans(i think you'd agree) Everyone i've met that have traveled to the US of A have gotten this image. But yours is an interesting observation i must say ;)This year though... it's amazing.. i havent seen this (*ie. my brain sticking flag) amount of patriotism since.. ever! Ad i thought americans wore their flags everywhere.. ever since we've gone to afghanistan.. it's been non-stop flaggin'! Feels like we're in a world cup of hockey game or something...