Look what I found today

I don´t know what´s on it but the
title really appeals to me.

Maybe you could use
some of that, too.


The most handsome man in the world

His face in all it´s boyish innocent
beauty has a hint of wisdom, his eyes looking at a
cloudless sky, facing his future with optimism
and courage. His future: McDonalds.

Also, this:

Well that´s it for today I guess.
The weather is cold and it rains all the time,
while forests start burning in the southern parts
of europe from all these heat waves.
Hooray for climate chance!



...the weather is changing like crazy in Hamburg again,
and since I am the delicate artsy type this is giving me a
grinding headache. I am ALSO out of any painkillers,
and those are only sold at pharmacies here in Germany,
and since it´s saturday afternoon, I have no other choice
than sitting here and drinking some debatable beer-soda mix,
hoping that it might help (but I bet it won´t).

This is my workplace at our school. Yes - THE WHOLE
TABLE! AND A DRAWER! It´s not so much that I use
dozens of paint cans and larger-than-life canvas space, but
rather that it is right in the middle of the building (which
gives me a good workout everytime I am jumping up
or down the steps to see if I can find someone I know
and talk to her or him). Also, no Nintendo or
internet in arms reach, which is always a plus
for people with hopeless attention spans like me.

Most of the time I am sitting in a couch chair in the
other room with two girls, listening to whatever music they
are putting into the player.
I spent the last three days there, from 6 to 8 hours each,
which made me really tired coming back home, but in a
good way. FINALLY I am working at a pace that
I am satisfied with.


Sad Starbucks Turtleneck Poet

Whooo, post #150.
I got a truckload of work in the next time,
I´ll show you how much:

- Making a big illustration for our next
exhibition (about Astrid Lindgren),

- Illustrating 8 columns taken from
various magazines, an appointment that totally
slipped under my radar for the whole semester,

-Doing 9 sketches for our drawing class
next Friday, and

-Make some sketches for the big painting
I am going to make for a friend of mine.


Let´s just hope this will keep me
from slacking. I´ll take advantage of my
little workspace in our school a lot (I hope), and
it is fun getting a lot more involved than I used
to do in the last couple of years.


Exhibition time! (...from the past)

Finally I got my hands on the pics I made at our
creative writing/illustration exhibition in Altona.
Nobody had the idea of bringing a camera that evening, but luckily
I thought of using the tiny webcam inside the Macbook we had
for the beamer for some small but non-blurry shots.

If you look REALLY hard, harder then ever in your life before,
you still won´t be able to make out my illustration on the left
of the group of three. Nice lights, though. The whole place was part
of several abandoned buildings in the dodgier part of the district,
which gave the whole evening a pretty avantgarde touch.

I am not sure what to write under this one.

The stage. Look at the weird old chouches. The whole
collection of chairs and stools was pretty random - there even
were church seats around and a tiny little plastic baby chair.

Wow, that place was just stuffed with people!
You can´t tell from this picture, though.

I made these pictures before we officially opened;
we were busy handling the beamer during the
readings (and improvised a lot, because some stories
were missing illustrations and vice versa, but it worked
out surprisingly good).

And now: The shortcuts

I made a birthday card today, and obviously,
I can´t show it until Sunday or something.
So some little bits instead.

A boy!

A dude!



IF: Suit

I was listening to the radio and the sports
program was running, with something about the
local football team, the Hamburg Sea Devils.
I don´t care much for any sport, but drawing a little
football dude was fun.

Football is a bit of a niche sport in Germany,
with soccer being our national pasttime sport.
If you would twist my arm and force me to go
to a game of one of those sports, I´d happily pick
football, though. The players look like those cool
little Transformer toys, and it seems to be more
tactical, without all this mindless running around for
90 minutes.


Relight my fire

Yeah, I didn´t post that much during the last week
or so, and it´s not so much that I didn´t draw enough...
I hope I´ll do it more regulary again, especially since
the workload of my classes is getting a bit easier again.

On a sidenote, I am getting a desk at our in-school
studios, which means that I have a regular place to work
at outside my house, which will hopefully get me away
from all this distracting stuff at home and a bit nearer
to the pulse of our illustration school happenings.
(Thanks to Nicole and Lena for taking care
of this so extremely quick!)


The best cars of the world! (IN the world? ON the world?...)

My, what a nice little automobile.
Doesn´t have a steering wheel, which is a
bit strange. Maybe it´s mind controlled.

This car has a lot of RAW, UNLEASHED POWER.
It´s even stronger than a T-Rex!
(Okay, maybe not THAT strong. Nothing
compares to Dinosaurs; not even Transformers.)

Those roads form a shape that reminds me
of this Jesus Fish. A hidden religious
message? Who knows?

Now this one is more generic again.
I really hate cars, I don´t drive them, I don´t
have the money to buy and maintain one, I get
sick inside them and they are speeding, ramming
death machines.

But I do like drawing them.