That´s me

I can´t leave this photo in my profile without commenting
on it. First of all, I have the slight feeling that I caught a
cold from my girlfriend ( so I´ll get that
chainsaw-in-your-throat-time soon too),
and making pictures of yourself while retaining a
natural look is HARD. This is still a rather mediocre
representation of how I look, but believe me, I made
maybe 30 pics (and most of them are blurry, and if
not, I look very ...mentally challenged on them).

Oh, and I have glasses too, and I wear them nearly
all the time - why I thought it would be a good idea
to take them off for a self-portrait is beyond me. Just
print it out, and draw some rectangles around my eyes
with a poster marker; there you go. That´s me.

(Please take note of the bonus dancing feet in the
upper right corner. What a great background.)


Jeannette said...

[suggestive whistle]

johnnynorms said...

Hello and Guten Tag, nice to (virtually) meet you Frederik