New layouts for my Illo class

In a previous post I told you about my Illo
class project "Medicine-Therapy-Caretaking", and
here are some more layouts (that are due tomorrow).
The topic is dealing with optimizing the workflow
in hospitals.

Those sketches SHOULD be self-explainatory,
if not, I failed. By the way, I enjoyed making up
ideas and concepts for this one, because I did it
while staying in bed the whole morning. That´s great-
laying in bed and still doing work. The sweet side
of being an illustrator.


Evan said...

These are both great. I like your execution of the topic. I think the first one is better mainly because the compositon is more interesting.

Anonymous said...

They're both readable.. but i agree with Evan, this first one's more pleasing.

What do you do by the way? YOu're enrolled in an illustration class? Or do you teach it?

Ariel from canada

Anonymous said...

Hi Fred..

Thanx for your note on my site. You're right, now i can see the blurry lines on my digital drawings. It wasnt done at a high resolution, that's why they're blurry. But you're right, hand drawn lines are much prettier. I'll do more of that..

My old blog is still there, i just cant manage it for some reason(since i changed to Blogger Beta) It's a pain because it's still there.. but i can answer to it)

Anyway.. keep up the good drawing and say hi to Hamburg for me.