Blablabla this is the title, okay?

German horses look like that. Really.

You know what´s great about Illustration
blogs? You don´t need to read useless
descriptive drivel. So there!


esillustration said...

I want a horse like that! I would feed it hot peppers and hamburgers.

dont tell me you didnt have a penis in mind when you drew that nose!!!!! i knew it!

Anonymous said...

*Hey Elisabeth... you forgot to mention the cactus!! :)

Fred! I went riding on a horse like that on my last trip to argentina(where i'm from originally) I fell two times.. :(

Regarding my blog.. I'll post something soon. Bear with me.. I'm not quite the rocket-blogger you are..

Keep it up! You're a good inspiration.


Anonymous said...

*Elizabeth i meant.. :/