Here is a revision of the Illo I did yesterday.
Usually I don´t touch my pictures once they are
finished, but the added stuff annoyed me after
a while so here is a cleaner version with new colours.
My initial thought was to delete the post from yesterday
and pretend that I didn´t use all those useless
lines and shades, but for the sake of documentation
I´ll leave it the way it is. I realized that I am no friend
of ornaments and disfunctional decoration, and I
want my drawings to stay as pure as possible
while colouring it.

1 comment:

Erik said...

I have to admit I really liked the way you used pure white as the skin color of the subjects on the unrevised version...it contrasted very well against the background colors. I do agree with your thinking that it was too busy though.

Thanks for sharing your work btw...it's very interesting.