It`s "Smoke" again

Yesterday I complained about not having enough time for
making an original
Illo Friday contribution, but instead
I downed a load of tea an
d started going at it.
I thought about shamefully erasing the last post,
but since you people
already commented on it,
I choose to make a new post. This picture

has some issues, since the paper went wavy and
so there are
blurry spots in the scan. I simply need to
use thicker paper when working
with water... oh, and
besides, I drew this with water-soluble ink and then

went over it with water - I think this makes my drawings
Just tell me what you think.

(FREE bonus sketch for your delight)

And I can`t stop telling you how much I appreciate your
I will not get tired of saying this, it`s like saying
"I love you" over
and over again, because you just
want to make it clear again and again.

It`s really surprising me how motivating this
whole messageboard - blogging -

art community via internet-thing is.
I guess we all should be thankful for this.
Well, I know I am!


Anonymous said...

great stuff, Frederik, superb.

johnnynorms said...

I absolutely adore your new smoke picture. Interested in hearing about your techniques - a mix of on paper and digital can be interesting, but the on-paper stage is more satisfying?