I had my Illo class today which
is made by two professors, one that I know since years
and the other one a very close colleague who is in the same
vein - talking lenghty about this and that, making me feel
really comfortable (I like people that talk much, because I
like talking much too - I can´t handle awkward silence; and as
you can tell, I like to write much as well) and I learned A LOT

He introduced us to a program that basically is a
calculator for freelance designers to calculate what price
to take for you work to make a living (or get richer). I have
no idea if it´s avaiable in English, in this case I´ll post that -
this is a really valuable tool.

Anyway, thanks to Sergey from designcontest.net
for featuring me. I feel very honoured!
Here´s the link:


So long, good night.

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