IF: Invention

I admit being a bit lazy with my recent
Illustration Friday submission; yesterday wasn´t
a good day for creative vibes somehow, so here is my
revision. I still like the idea and I don´t want to
make Ariel sad since he likes jetpacks as much
as I do (as well as soap detergents ;P ).

Below is the original post.


It´s as small as a backpack, but
instead of putting water bottles, books
and toilet paper in it, you get blasted into
the sky. Enough said.


Anonymous said...

We should ALL have Jet Packs man! haha... How COOL are they??? Awesome drawing by the way..

Hey, thanx for your comment on my site. It's funny how you wanna go to Canada because it looks "cool" on a map!(hahaa) I dont know why, but alot of German's find Canada amazing to travel to! Is it because of all the adventure sports? (*If so.. that's a good reason ;)

I didnt know "Ariel" was a german brand! Cool! Well, now i have a little german here with me!

I never asked, but where did you learn english? It's pretty good.. Do all germans learn english in school?

Cheers Fred!

troglodyte mignon said...

Love the very dark ink + light color work...love jetpacks too, sorry not to have thought of that first! a+.

John Coulter said...

love the ink work on these.


Frederik Jurk said...
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Frederik Jurk said...

(The first post contained too many grammar mistakes)

Actually, it is pencil with very heavy contrast after the scan. It certainly has a certain ink-like look to it, but the lines come out softer and warmer in my opinion. Fine pencil lines, especially with lots of shades are a headache when it comes to scanning (especially with a crappy scanner like mine), but I like to work quite rough and it works good with colour.


Michelle Lana said...

Pretty cool work!

Digital Scott's illustrationblog said...

This is really fun. You have a great style!