Double Update!

I have no idea what is going on in this picture.
This is the result of drawing straight away,
from left to right, without concept, without
penciling, with a good amount of
randomness in it. I like working that way,
though it doesn´t make sense when illustrating
specific subjects. But it´s good excercise nevertheless.
Man, I had a tough fight when colouring this one -
I used a lot of shades but finally reduced it to only
a few, contrasting colours again. It just works best
right now, and colouring is always my least
favourite part.

The second one remains monochrome -
I don´t think colour is necessary in this one.

What are those grey lines between the text?
Too late, I am hitting the pillows now. Oh, time
to check out this weeks IF topic.


Jeannette said...

I like the second illustration a lot. I feel like that guy most of the time. Nothing to say but... lots to draw.

Guthrie said...

Haha. So true.