My newest creation - don´t worry, this isn`t my
own mood pictured here. The fountain-pen / brush technique
is growing on me, its much less countour-driven
and very satisfiying to use. After I made this
one, I picked up an old catalogue with poster art
from Poland (50ies till 80ies) which is easily
the most impressive collection of art I have.
Fascinating because they are mostly
commercial posters, advertisments and festival
announcements, but with a very distinctive
feeling of shape, style and colour,
and very sharp concepts. A large number
of them will serve as inspiration for
future ideas and approaches.

So here is a link to let you know what I am talking about:

Polish posters

There are a couple of other drawings waiting
to be coloured, so I will be able to serve you
with frequent updates in the next few days.
Thanks for taking time to comment!


Evan said...

nice drawing. Some of those posters are great.

flossy-p said...

I Love this. I can completely relate to that foggy smokey headspace somedays, when everything clouds over like a thick puff of polution.

I love (and am curious about) the totally stacked bicep on his left arm! hehehehe.

johnnynorms said...

Pigasus looks a bag of gems - thanks for sharing this link.