Kudos to the biro pen

Nothing new or revolutionary today. I´ve tried my luck
with some different materials and it didn´t work out
so well. So instead I flipped through a couple of
sketchbooks from earlier this year (those are really
great small books with 144 pages for 3 euro, stitch bound
and linen cover - from the netherlands HEMA store), and
share some sketches.

I used to draw nearly exclusively with biro pen
during the last semesters, and will start using them
again - if done right, biro pen drawings have
a lot of expression, detail and rough power in them.

I remembered writing a Wikipedia entry on that
subject, seeing that biro pens are usually not
considered "art tools" but cheap everyday
supplies (and on a sidenote, the best biros
are usually the cheapest ones, including the french Bic
or the german Schneider pens). And upon
looking it up again, I saw that someone
added pictures going with my article!

So a like-minded individual improved my entry,
and here it is in german:


And, for the non-german readers
(with added auto-translate awkwardness, but
still understandable):


To sum it up, biro-pens are durable, nearly
indestructible, varied, uncomplicated,
cheap and avaiable nearly everywhere. To if
you think you´re too sophisticated to use a
mass-market cheapo product, think again!


addtadd said...

nice stuff... do you fill sketchbooks one at a time, or multiple simultaneously?

Frederik Jurk said...

One at a time; I like the chronology in it. Those are so small I carry them with me everywhere. Thanks for you interest!

jimmy said...

I totally love your houses and your use of space. As for the other stuff, there is something weird and wonderful happening on this blog. Keep it up!

johnnynorms said...

Good to see you like-minded on biros - I cheer for them too! (black med BIC is my usual)
I love the house/tree drawings.

Have you ever put done a narrative? Illustrated story, comic, graphic novel, etc?