Messing around

I think I´ll make another post for today,
so for now here´s a bit of an experiment again.
As I said, my knowledge in GIMP is still
pretty rudimentary, so I´ll try something new
once in a while. Nothing groundbreaking,
but turning black lines into coloured ones
is a nice change.

Uuuh, pretty coloured lines.


Jeannette said...

I enjoy the top one. Especially the little water slides for his eyeballs to go down.

I liked the Tocotronic videos. I should buy the CD and impress my friends with my newfound multiculturalism. In the first video it looked like the singer was going to make out with the microphone. Is that how all Germans treat electronic equipment? And he had, what we call in the US, "emo" hair. Anyway, it reminds me of Bright Eyes, the "emo" hair singer of America. Here’s an example:


I'm glad Hitler got you to stop rolling your R's. Because I dont know how to do that and I would hate to have an inaccurate accent when I’m reading your blog.

Anonymous said...

Changin' the colour of the line is a nice change sometimes eh?.. i agree. Did you do that change in photoshop?

Keep crankin' them out Fred! We'll just keep drowning in our tears.. ;)