Angry demon REDUX

First of all,
thanks for the truckload of comments

(though its beyond my imaginative powers how
comments could ever fill any truck, but let´s move on),
and especially John Reddinger
for pointing out that a certain Johnny
from drawn.ca found me via my IF submissions
(and of course, thanks to Johnny too!) and linked
me on their site.

I wasn`t expecting being picked

for such a sweet site so early, and have been
found among all the other fantastic submissions
on IF. So here is a variation of the demon
that Johnny took for his post.

This is how I eat breakfast each morning;
mixing sugar and oatmeal with lots of milk
and gulping them down like a hungry
coyote. It´s nutricious and stuffs me
for at least 3 hours.

While I drew and coloured this, I listened
to this all the time. I simply love those guys.

And I love you, people.
So long!


ALTAMIRA said...

Un gusto en conocerlo.

dibujador said...

I like your drawings very much!!(specially the ghosts for illustration friday)