Illo Friday - "Clear"

Oh boy, Illo Friday again. With "Clear" we
have a nice, loose term, which surely will
lead to many different results.
So here is mine. This time
around I didn`t interfere with colour so
much and kept it simple.

In case you are new to my blog,
feel welcome and check out my
other illos if you want.



jordan said...

The simple color scheme works quite well.

marcisenders said...

Great illustration!

John Coulter said...

this is fantastic!

Natura said...

This is so good!!

Michele Melcher Illustration said...

Very cool!

Tj said...

I like the quiet colour scheme. I also like how you've altered the proportions on the two subjects. It really makes you look twice. The whole thing says something very important is going on, and that is what these two are trying to bring across... Good job!

Terry said...

Love the dog, complete with butt-hole! Ha! Looks like the fellow is looking for a place to pee! Maybe he could write the word "clear" with yellow snow! hehe

Michelle Lana said...

great style you have here!

John Reddinger said...

this is great, the limited color palette really works here.

hey, I noticed you got linked at drawn.ca. Congrats man! you'll have lots of new fans now.

Jeannette said...

I like your style. So odd.

hemelsgroen said...

I can almost feel the cold! Love this illustration.