Life in the streets

Sk8ter boy? Indeed.
I wanted to colour this one too, but it
turned out ugly, so instead of letting this one
rot away in my desk, I´ll share it with you.


Evan said...

I like this piece. Probably because I skateboard. The arm breaking with the bones sticking out is always a nice touch.

Johanna said...

Thanks for sharing it. I really like your style. With or without color, your work is still strong and fascinating to look at.

Ariel said...

*I'm in loooove....

Nice work dood. I agree with johanna, colour does not matter. It's the line that's brilliant(*adding colour is icing on the cake)

I dont quite "get" the message behind them just yet.. but give me time, and i will look harder(*cant really look right now since i'm at work)

Keep up the good work!