Illustration Friday - "Smoke"

[EDIT: There is a new original contribution to "Smoke"
above this post. Yeah, I got myself together at last!]

Ah, what do we have here? I know I posted this picture
for the last Illo Friday already, but at the moment I am a bit
sick of digital colouring, so I will simply sketch and doodle
for a few days. And since this picture fits BOTH wind and
smoke (a lucky coincidence!) I might as well present it again; maybe
some new people will see it who missed it last week.

But to show at least something new, here is a random
sketch I did today. It`s self-explainatory. So anyways,
thanks for your visit! Next time there`s gonna be more stuff to
see. Maybe I´ll get something new for "Smoke" together, with or
without colour. Until then!


Muffin said...

Nice style, man! This is interesting. I like you work a lot.

JO said...

You have a great style.

Evan said...

nice as usual.

Jeannette said...

I saw it last week. Liked it then, too. Yeah, the topics of wind & smoke overlap a bit, eh?

Cez said...

wonderful style..love it

Michelle Lana said...

Great style!