Monday Shmonday

This picture has very ugly compression issues.

That´s pretty much it. Besides...


...I hate clips on pens. What´s the point? Does anybody
really puts pens on their body with a clip? In the small
pocket on your shirt? On your pants? Stupid. They are just
in the way when I draw, pressing against my hand.
So mostly I decide to take the necessary step:
Snap them off.

The green mechanical pencil turned out best - it´s cheap plastic,
and the sharp pointy edges disappeared after a treatment
with sand paper. The biro pen in the middle has sharp edges
too, so I covered it up with tape - looks pretty crappy.
The white pencil has the remains still showing, and
unfortunately it still has this dumb plastic part that
keeps it from being comfortable.

Clips - made for being snapped off!


Blair Kitchen said...

Hey Frederik! Thanks for checking out my blog. You have some really nice stuff over here. I really like the nice crisp lines that you have. I'll be back.


Jeannette said...

Thanks for linking me on your blog. I've been a fan of yours since, like October 30th! I'm going to link back to your blog on my page (if you dont mind me snagging one of your illustrations and making a little banner). I really enjoy your work; it is so completely different from any work I've seen. I love the details. Also, you’re funny and I like reading your entries aloud to my friend Liz, in a slight German accent. She giggles, it’s great.

Alechuguita said...

Hi, I like the clip on my pencil, since I have a sketchbook with (I don´t know how to say it in english)that rings stuff holding it together, and there I put my pencil, wich doesn´t go all in because of the clip.

Anonymous said...

You speak for all of us Fred.. on the clip issue.

WHO ever wears their pencils anymore??? (*i sure dont..

..anymore :/