I want to see you sue-ÄÄ! ...ehm, what?

Hyper! Hyper!

This drawing reminds me of this.
Ravers, the weirdest dressed people ever.
I was really surprised that those folks exist
outside of Germany.

And Liz, you´re lucky. I cannot afford
my horse anymore. But don´t feed him
peppers and hamburgers, it might get


pencilsandneedles said...

great stuff you have here! i've saved it in my bookmarks. :)

Anonymous said...

Hahaa.. I can't believe you thought Ravers didnt' excist outside of Germany!! Fred, they're "everywhere"!!>... hahaa

In fact, i'm partly ashamed of this, i used to go to them myself(*GASP) I'm was never into the drug scene, but i loved house music back then(also techno and jungle) I was just a dancer, i loved the music, it put me in a happy state(*without the drugs)

Though, being in Germany, i'll bet you listen AND see alot of electronica there. I did art work once for this german guy in Toronto who owned a DJ store. I'm not saying ALL germans love techno, but it's funny you put a drawing of a raver thats' all ;)

If i can find them.. i'll post drawings i made when i was in college, or ravers and such. I kinda still like the drawings.. so you might see them.

*Nice squiggly pants by the way..ahaha.. it's sooo raver..haha.


Jeannette said...

Nice nips.

Anonymous said...

Oh hey Frederik..to answer your last question, I live about 4 hours north of Toronto Ontario. I've been working at an animation house here for about 3 years. Next year though, i'm planning to make my move back to toronto because my gf is going back to university. I like both the country AND city lives really.. But it'll defenitely be hard to leave the comfortable country life... *sniff.. :/