Switching time

Okay, it´s enough of that shit.
Yesterday I wanted to work on my PC a little,
but too bad - it doesn´t boot. Checked the wires - still
doesn´t work. It simply doesn´t respond to the "Power on" button.
Looked inside to see if any wires are unplugged, but in between
the mess that is my hardware I had no idea what could be wrong.
Is the button itself damaged? I didn´t do anything special last time
I used it.
I am fed up with all this PC crap. GIMP crashes all the time,
my internet is slowed down to a crawl (God knows what kind of
Spyware or whatever is on it), I can´t even install RAM
properly. And nevermind that I didn´t backup my last pictures, most
stuff is stored on various CDRs, though. That´s the problem with
buying low end hardware - its only a matter of time till the whole
systems crashes. Cheaply made stuff breaks fast.
I am going to take some money from my savings and buy
a Mac Mini.
I never was a huge fan of Macs so far (mostly because
I didn´t like their one-button mouse), but the fact that operating system,
software and hardware are all made by one manufacturer is reason enough
for me. A Mac is a Mac, there is no hassle with dozends of driver disks,
system parts dying and dragging other parts with them, or incompatible hardware
causing problem after problem. I just need a
sturdy, reliable, quality hardware.
And with 600 euro it´s not exactly
a bargain, but those are machines that are supposed to last for many, many
years. And I don´t need to make huge internet research to compare brands.
It´s just one model, that´s it.
Also, please excuse that this post looks pretty
shitty, as I am using Merles laptop that doesn´t have
Firefox (or whatever the reason), so, meh.
So, hopefully I will be able to buy it Monday or Tuesday, and that´s
the time I should be able to make new posts. Maybe I´ll use my newly
registered Worpress account. Let´s see. Until then!


Ariel said...

Sorry to hear about your PC problems Fred... that sucks.

I'm gonna hate the day when my PC breaks down. Or if all my files get LOST!(omg) I better start backing up..

Mac's are pretty little things arent they? I've never considered a Mac personally. Mostly cause i'm a hard person to fall into hype.. and i've never had problems with PC's. I also don't think i should switch to another brand because the icon's are prettier or such things.. If the computer works for what you need it to, that's the one i choose.

good luck this weekend. Looking forward to your posts next week!


AG said...

i was a pc user till i switched to mac 2 years ago. My pc kept crashing till i got fed up. the mac is still making me happy, but not so my wallet.

August Schwimmer said...

bey gott!
willst du dir ganz wirklich ehrlich einen mac kaufen? böse böse böse!
dat würd isch mir ja noch een mal überleschen...
naja - ich hab mir ein mountainbike gekauft, und gestern sahen wir aus wie zwei schweine...es heisst jenny...

bis dann bro!

Mac McRae said...

Forget the mini.
I had one for a year and sold it.
It is too underpowered for graphics work. The components are the same as a cheap macbook. So the performance is very bad. The main drawback for graphics work is that the hard drive is incredibly slow. Apps like ps and gimp use alot of virtual memory and the mini will slow to a crawl when chewing on big files. Also the gpu is horrendous. It will choke on a big monitor. Another thing is that the mini overheats and starts to restart randomly because it is crammed into too small of a space. The mini is good for email and music only. Beware. You would be much happier with a cheap hp tower that you can max out with cheap ram and upgrade with a mid level PCIe card. Don't buy into the mac hype. The only time that they were better for art people was back in '96 when they were the only platform to support photoshop and illustrator. Now they don't support either natively and will hiccup and stutter when using rosetta. Believe me! I am a LONG time mac user who just switched to pc.

Mac McRae said...

Frederik - let me be the first to warn you about taking advice from me. I am more than just a little loony.