This crap is driving me nuts

The problem with our calendar is that
there are more students participating than there
are months in a year. We also have more departements
than 12, so not all can be represented. Well, the first
"problem" is actually something called "competition"; still,
when I saw other submissions to the "hospital management"
topic I thought that I´ll concentrate on the fuel cell one
more, since nobody made one for that (I think).

The one you see above was something I slapped
together in a couple of hours yesterday, just so
that I don´t have to reach in just one illustration.
But now I think that while it is very simplified, it
is pretty much spot-on (the topic is optimizing the workflow
between caretaking, medicine and therapy in hospitals, for
your information). When I do simplified work I always
think "Is that really enough?", but I am really happy
with that one.

This is the second one I printed today.
I was awake the whole night against my will and
felt that I would drop dead if I went to the printing
appointment at 11am. So I went to bed again and printed
it at our local copyshop instead, which costed 7 euro a piece.
That´s the price for getting some sleep.

Thanks for all your honest votings on the colour
scheme; I printed it BEFORE reading any of your
comments, and chose the colder one just because
I HAD to pick one of them (reaching in two variations
as submissions looks so weakwilled). The different coloured
wires make the idea a bit clearer, while it looks better when
they all have the same hue.

Notice that I removed some elements as an attempt
to make the image a bit clearer; looking at it now just
makes it look less interesting. AAAH! I CAN`T DECIDE!

Luckily, the final FINAL deadline is thursday, so I
still have time to make up my mind about it,
or even make ANOTHER fuel cell variation, maybe a
simple one like the hospital illo.

As the title indicates, this is driving me nuts.
I also felt pretty bad in the last weeks, on some
days I felt like I had some problem with my heart -
but after some very nice and relaxing hours of
smootching with Merle I realized it all came from
stressing myself and worrying WAY too much.
I already feel much better now.


Maarit said...

The new drawing is cool - those hands kind of look like plasters (or the plasters look like hands..?). On the other hand (hehe) the fuel cell drawing is more you, and I think that is also important, especially in this case. Have you tried adding the breath-thing only and not the exhaust fumes? Or the other way around? I don't know what it would do to the balance of the image though. The plus and minus on the heart is definitely an improvement. I like that there are all-black areas in the image (the head and the heart mirror each other nicely). In any case, you're not going terribly wrong with it, and I think it's a juridical murder if you don't get chosen!

Sleep deprivation and stress can cause some heart symptoms - happened to me many times. Although, I'm certainly not qualified to make a diagnosis, so don't take my word for it! I'd definitely get a second opinion. I hope you'll feel better soon!

Mac McRae said...

Frederik don't let it get to you. Art school stress is as absolutely meaningless as any you will ever experience. The thing about art is that most people who do the hiring couldn't care less about what kinds of grades you got. They judge you based on what you can do for them. And the skills they are looking for are obvious. It is not like in business jobs where all they have to go on is a piece of paper and your transcript. Make like a Buddhist and let it go. :) I like all of them BTW.

my heart is made of gravy said...

Concentrate on the smooching my man! Smooching with Merle. That would be a great title for a Genesis song, no?