Xxxtreme deadline scratching!!!

Yeah, not really deadline, but tomorrow
is the last time for new concepts, and I hate showing
rough sketches. They just look ugly compared to nicely
edited and coloured pieces. Pure vanity, but I am one
ambitious guy. Stupidly enough I don´t really work until
one or two days before assignment deadlines. It worked well
so far, and I think I "just need the pressure".

Pressure? More like swords hanging above my head.
I nearly went insane today, I finally got started at 8pm (!!!) and
nothing but creative diarrhea for hours and hours. Finally
made a drawing which I thought of being pretty mediocre, but
after colouring it, it doesn´t seem too bad.

Typical rundown of "productive" days:

1. I waste a good part of the day.
2. I start making some shitty lines.
3. I can´t come up with anything.
4. Aaah! I suck at art.
5. Geez, I am already playing Nintendo again.
6. Oh, it´s past midnight.
7. I am simply not showing up tomorrow.
8. I am simply quitting uni and live on the streets.
9. This drawing is awful but better than nothing.
10. Starting over.
11. Starting over again.
12. Finally made something okay-ish.
13. After hours and hours of editing and colouring,
I like it more than anything that I´ve ever done before.
14. I am SO good at art.
15. I am making a million with this stuff.
(Rinse and repeat on next occasion.)

Seriously, I am almost dying every time,
but after I finally made something passable,
I feel like winning a war.
A war AGAINST MYSELF (and laziness).

It´s about fuel cells - left arm is O2, right arm is H2 and they
react with each other and make eletricity, and dripping from
his legs is H20 (a.k.a. water, duh) that is a byproduct of this
Not so much the heart which is
on the wrong side. Ah well.


Jeannette said...

i know they're fuel cells, but his hands look like plugs. which is funny to me because this week i considered getting an outlet tattooed on my wrist, until someone told me that the german word for outlet means 'pig nose' or something? i dont know i may still get it.

ive been without a keyboard for a week, so im looking for any excuse to communicate, i guess.



Mac McRae said...

Crap what is cooler than naming an outlet after a pig nose? Those germans are so literal with their words. :)
I like having the explanation of the illo. Adds some nice extra layers to an already cool drawing.