McIntosh miniature robotic unit

This morning, I felt like doing something
really crazy and unusual: I drew a picture.

First post on my newly aquired Mac Mini!
Yeah, so my PC died on me (do you really say "on me"? It
wasn´t on top of my chest when it broke), though it MIGHT
be still intact with only a wire being unplugged, but, well,
I already told you in the last post.

We went to a pretty nifty and hyper-stylish shop
near the Hamburg university, a part of the city with
very neat old buildings with a lot of stucco on the outside.
The service was fast and friendly, especially towards
Mac nOObz like me.

So this little unit is sitting right next to my
screen, and besides all this "Aaaww it´s so adorable"
(which it really is!), I really liked one specific thing:
It is incredibly quiet. I can only hear a very subtle
noise if I go very close to it (maybe to pet it or
something - but no! No fingerprints please!) -
my old PC made noises like BRRUUUUU BRRUUUU
Okay, it was more like a pretty constant,
annoying humming noise.

And granted, this could also have been cured with a
well built PC, and I am not turning into a "Micro$oft $uck"
elite fanboy. The operating system itself is a bit weird to
use (Where is my setup.exe -file?!), but the picture quality is
great and I even got GIMP running (which is hard on both
systems, since it´s a Linux conversion). I am learning.
I already had pretty much fun with some music software
called Garage Band.

It also came in a pretty small box with a
handle on top - even though I think it might
not be a very good idea to carry it around like
that, one snatch and it´s gone. Well, it´s
not South Compton where I live, but still.

Aaaaww, this thing is so adorable.
If only my entry-level Wacom would work
with it - no driver support on Mac OS, only
for more expensive models.
Well, Merles birthday is coming close
as well as my illustration assignments, and I
don´t want to colour with a mouse, let alone buy
a new high-cost Wacom. Maybe I´ll have to google
another round.

Frederik Jurk Look Here People I Bought A Fricking Mac,
formely known as Frederik Jurk Illustration Blog.

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