Work in progress

No, my room isn´t completely shrouded in darkness.
I punched up the contrast so that you can see the drawings.
Not to be seen: My Gameboy Micro for short workbreaks
with Super Mario Bros 3. Notice how incredibly shitty
the first two sketches look.

I thought I´d share what I´ve been doing for the
last 20 minutes. I am at my fuel cell illustration again,
and this time I went for a different method:
Scribbling a very rough idea, and continue doing
the same idea over and over while adding more and more
detail each time. It´s a good way of getting the whole
thing into gear. It´s pretty surprising how quick
ideas get more substance and definition.

It´s a way of brainstorming, and thinking about
it, each time I make up a image in my mind, it
turns out to be pretty fuzzy. Drawing it over and
over again adds a lot of new ideas to it.


Maarit said...

Wow, you've been busy (at least compared to me, apparently I'm going through a stagnant period). It sounds like an interesting method, I'll have to try that out some day.

This is the same theme as in the piece you posted earlier right? About that picture I really liked the exaggerated upper body; it kind of reminded me of the 1800's drawings of weight lifters. It's interesting to see how the image evolves, but I kind of started shouting "noooooooooooo......." when you started to lose the upper body! It looks good though, and it's a work in progress, so I try not to comment too much, good or bad.

Jeannette said...

Ok so I had this really weird dream with you on it last night. I was out somewhere and saw a VHS (that's like an old DVD, you know what I mean) called "Jurk's Jerk" and it was like a cheesy children's movie from the early 90's. On the cover there was a little girl with her hands under her chin collaged beside a castle, and you as a six-year-old standing in a suit near the castle. In a very Richie Rich movie style. And in my dream I just thought, "oh, that's what Fred did when he was a kid."

Reality is blurring a little more each day.


Anonymous said...

Hey Fred.. thanx for commenting on my blog.

I was just about to check this week's topic when i read your comment. It's kinda a bad selection actually, since I spy comes from an english childrens' song-game(I spy with my little eye...)

It's basicly a game you can play with a child in a car(or anywhere) and say.. "I spy with my little eye, something red!" And the other person has to look around his/her surroundings and spot an object or person that's got "red" on it. Get it? :)

That's all i can think of for that topic. I couldn't image europeans knowing that game.. though maybe they DO know it somewhere. i dont know..

Anyway.. I've been slacking on my IF's topics lately(mostly cause animation designing has been hectic) but i'm gonna make a serius effort this weekend! Since i got a few "seconds" to spare..

Have a good week buddy!! I always love looking at your stuff. I'll be back!

- The Terminator ;)