Picture plus text = new blog post

I wish I could do something like this every day.
I felt like a lazy pig the last several days, mostly because
I didn´t come up with any new concepts for my calendar
stuff (and I didn´t even try that hard). Whenever I am
procrastinating it pokes at my subtle fears of what
would be if this whole illustrating thing is not
going to work. I am not the type of person
that can slack for some days without any worries -
I feel bad all the time when I am not working
on my stuff.

Now, FORCING it makes it worse in most
cases. Then I tend to REALLY procrastinate - many days
just pass by and whoops! It´s already midnight! And
by this magical mark, the day is mostly lost. (I usually
stay awake till maybe 3-5 am, because, why not? Also, I like
to work late.)

So instead, I really tried to relax today,
not to be lazy, but to relax like in meditation.
I never tried Yoga or something, but I like the concept
of it. And there we go, it worked like a charm.
Suddenly, all dials are set in the right position.

And I mean, there are always a lot of things coming
in consideration when drawing. WHAT should I draw?
In what style? Which pens? Which size? What do I want
to achieve in the long run? Am I heading into the right

Today, I just left that out, and yeah, I am
pretty proud of this last two images you see here.
And as long as I keep progressing like this, being
so emotionally dependent on my work is a good thing.


Mac McRae said...

Cool one frederik. You crank out work fast. How is your wordpress project coming? With 1and1 my database was hard as hell to get working right. Seems wordpress is still far from easy to setup. I wish blogger would work with wordpress type open source templates. It is much less of a hassle. BTW my blogger domain was gobbled up by a spammer. Please nix or update it in your links list.

Anonymous said...

You stay till 3 or 5 in morning and your "significant other" doesn't mind... Oh well.. we all have our different work schedule's right?

Good post Fred. I too don't like when i'm out of ideas. Though lately, work's kept me busy but of course.. i always wish i could be drawing full time. Maybe i'll take time off when this project's done and concentrate on illustrating.

Great work here btw. in my mind.. you're never out of unique ideas ;)

John Reddinger said...

hey fred, this is awesome. I love the shading on the red pointy head thing. I've been procrastinating as well, haven't posted in over a week. So much to do...