Currywurst mit Pommes

Do you like my nonsencial german
titles? I hope you do! I try to bring a little
randomness into your day, so you better
be thankful about it, foo´!

Above: Final FINAL version of my
fuel cell illustration. Added another layer
and the result is immense. I like it so much more
than the other ones. I am not looking forward to run
around aimlessly for one hour at our shopping mall
again, since this is the time it takes them to print
those, but well...might buy some random household
products in the meantime. Maybe even shoelaces!
My life is a real rollercoaster ride.

The other illo remains as it is, Merle
said it reminds her of Die Schlumper, a
pretty well-known group of disabled artists
(or "special" artists, or "challenged" ones, I don´t like
this political over-correct talk), and this is a compliment,
since they do great stuff:

Die Schlumper (has an English section too)

And not just "good for someone who is
disabled" but REALLY good. Some of this stuff
makes me a bit envious. Most of it has some
raw expression to it, without being random - it´s
very tight work.

(If you click on "Online Ausstellung" instead of
the similar link on the English section, you get to
the single artists instead of just a crummy slideshow.)


I also can´t get enough of this
Genesis song.


Jeannette said...

not to rain on your pomme parade, but i think the bubble up top could use some linework. it sticks out and screams DIGITAL COLOR. i hate when things without mouths scream, too.

my heart is made of gravy said...

I want to be a Schlumper too!

Do I need a lobotomy before they'll let me in?

Ooooh Jeannette, aren't you the prissy one!

Jeannette said...

it is kind of funny, fred leaves me [constructive] criticism all the time, and the one time i throw it back, there is steve to mock me! haha

Frederik said...

Points well taken, but it´s too late now for that... I remember one professor always said that about my "horizons" I sometimes add via digital color to my pictures. Doesn´t bother me that much, though, and I am glad when I am just DONE with that, which will be in roughly one and a half hours. Just saw that the prints are not in the correct size. Thank god our professors are not overly picky on those issues.

Jeannette said...

your horizons make more sense. but anyway, yeah its just school. you need a good 'who gives a fuck' attitude!

now go binge drink and date rape!