IF: Wired

Finally a IF submission again.
Next week is fully dedicated for doing the
last concepts for the much-mentioned calendar
project, but I drew this yesterday and it fits the
topic perfectly. Tried some colour on this one, but
I am still a bit wrecked from Merles birthday fiesta, and
besides, I think that this drawing doesn´t need any
colour. I also don´t feel like clicking around with
my Wacom today, so there!


Jeff G said...

This is really nice. Reminds me a bit of Dave McKean's ink drawings.

Lucas Aguirre. said...

hey man nice drawings! lovd the dog in thigts, and the callendar guy holding those little guys and his arm bone broken, very nice ones, imaginative. i draw too, im a friend of santiago, "dibujador"
from argentina,

Fabian Lemey said...

God that's great!

my heart is made of gravy said...

You're a genius. I most humbly beg you to join IFN.