This and that (etc. and stuff)

Will colour this tomorrow. EDIT: No, I don´t.
And I just realized
that this bird has a very large bum.

Pretty mixed today.
I tried to do another piece in biropen (with my
traditional "I have no idea what to draw but I´ll
draw anyway"-method, which is risky on days like
this one), resulting in nothing but brainfarts and wasted
paper. So I switched back to fountain pen
again and therefore back to my previous way
of drawing (notice how I avoided the term
"style"?), which worked much much better.

I am still very split on which way to turn these
days, which style to work on - you see, I could
as well accept both, but damnit, I can´t have two
styles at once because I am weird. I want to
identify with one style totally. Maybe one day
I´ll be less anal rententive about this.
I mean, even the content of my pencil case
must be in a certain way - there are maybe
eight metal mechanical pencils I never use
but HAVE to keep them in there because they
add a nice weight to the case.

And besides, it´s enough with that
grey sky winter. I want to have some sunlight.
I never care for it that much during the whole
season till maybe january, but at the very
end of the winter I am pretty burned out
and is affecting my mood. Leaves on the
trees and sunny days - I don´t demand
tropical climate. I am SO glad that I don´t
live in iceland or something like that.

On a sidenote:
I started another blog account at
Wordpress, after reading a
sarcastic rant at Idiottoys.com,
but unfortunately importing Blogs
from Blogger is more complicated than
they claim on their front page. It is
supposed to be way more user friendly,
though I never had very serious problems with Blogger
yet - but I know my blogpartner Ariel had sort of
"lost" his old blog (and couldn´t edit it anymore).

On the other hand, after those disastrous
experiments with Linux (which was pretty cool
except NOTHING WORKED) I am a bit cautious
with trying new stuff for the sake of it.
"If it ain´t broken, don´t fix it."


Jeannette said...

Frederik, I dont really understand your debate with yourself with your two styles. Everything you makes looks to me like an El Frederiko.

You have a distinct style that you will never escape, even if you tried. Enjoy!

(and top drawing is cute, i like!)

Ariel said...

Ahlo El Frederiko... (haha.. i like that)

I must be some sort of influence on you(*when i dont even know why!) but i noticed a "sliding-down-sock" in your top drawing there ;)

Can't wait to see the coloured version. Another El Frederiko ORIGINAL!

Cheers to you Sir..

Anonymous said...

"Can't wait to see the coloured version."


Maarit said...

That what you're saying about the style was like written by me (well except for the pencil case, now that is just weird... haha). I read somewhere that when you're "rebuilding" yourself, kind of stepping to the next level in what you do, there is a period when nothing seems to work. This is actually true about artists, musicians, athletics, dancers etc. So all I can say to you (and to myself) is keep doing it, it'll come.

And it's also true what Jeannette said; everything you do still looks like you.

p.s. Some sun would be nice. Reykjavik is actually south from Oulu...

Anonymous said...

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