IF: Wired / Hawai Kawaii

Click to enlarge - as usual

I really tried hard today and sat down
for a complete 90-minute session of just
drawing on my futon (on my westernized sissy futon,
but still!), and it REALLY made a difference - I needed maybe
30 minute to really get the gears warm, and made two pretty
nice drawings (the second one will come later today, I hope).
So I decided to make this another IF submission, because
it has some sort of wires in it.


Jeannette said...

he's a pretty cool dude

and i love all your lame jokes, thanks :)

Anonymous said...

This wired dude is Rad!

I envy you Fred, you get to have 90 mins. of time to just draw!(where as I never get that now-a-days with animation and all.. and poo poo animation at that)

I got your last email by the way buddy ;) I just really don't have time to answer many(again.. animation ball and chain)

Keep up the good work man.. you're doing great!


Sweet Pea said...

Great image - I really like your drawing style :)

ANTONIO said...

I like, is very good your proposal

Maarit said...

I like this one a lot. Especially the pants, they're very cleverly drawn.

And the dog-drawing before was fantastic! You're on a roll.

Elmyra Duff said...