Golden Heart

So, this is my post #100.
I finished the birthday piece for Merle, but
can´t show it until Friday. Enjoy my other ones instead.
No sense in changing to Wordpress right now, since handling it
is more than slightly confusing.

What can I add?
I feel pretty good right now.
Working with my new tablet and Mac is a
breeze. The newly introduced studying fees
(that caused quite a debate in Germany) which put
an additional burden of 500 euros per semester on
my shoulders will bring my uni time to a very soon
end - maybe another year, or one and a half,
but after that I won´t be willing to drain my
savings any more. I´ll need them badly to get over
the first year or so becoming a Pro.

Actually, I am looking forward to
being ripped out of the save shell that is
university life. So the sooner I start getting
my butt up and work consistently day after
day, the more it will pay off in the end.

So, for the future, I want to charge up
my will to work, study my style more and
with more drive and intensity, and
finding out what I want to gravitate towards.


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