Post 98! Or 97? Let´s see...

Ordered a Wacom Grapphire 4 last night.
80 bucks. Ah, the big spender! I´ll have to live
from baked beans for the next four weeks.
Too bad baked beans here are
imported HEINZ so a small can costs 1 euro.


Anonymous said...

you mean to say you've not had a Wacom all this time?! You've been colouring with a mouse?... Good job man!

Anonymous said...

Fred... That's awesome that you get Painter with the Wacom. I got my version also from my Wacom.

I love Painter. I'm painting all my images with it. It's got the sweetest "paint" brushes(even better than photoshop)

Well.. looks like you'll be pumpin' out even more awesome drawings now! (*I better start looking for another profession ;)

Cheers my man!

BTW.. if you'd like, for your records, add me to your email accounts. Maybe when we're not posting we can chat live on msn and discuss illustration in general.. *or just bitch at the world(whichever)


See ya!

my heart is made of gravy said...

To be honest, even in the Land of Baked Beans they cost that. Enjoy Fartypants!