Is it really called rat-tail? Rattail?
Rats tail? Was a pretty common strip of hair
growing on the back of the head back in the
mid-80ies, when I was a kid.
I had one too, but near the right eye, and
it was toned blonde.

Nowadays you would be beaten up for wearing
your hair like that. But that was the 80ies, we liked to
be a bit, uhm, "experimental".


Jeannette said...

i just watched a movie with a rat tail in it, called 'jesus camp'

im a fan

gabriele dünwald said...

doll, deine bilder, sie sind wie eine mischung aus alptraum und märchen und entwickeln einen regelrechten sog! kompliment!
schönen gruss aus hamburg

esillustration said...

I watched Jesus Camp with Jeannette and it reminded me of that too! I've wanted a rat tail for so long now. This drawing is an inspiration.

Anonymous said...

Great image Fred... you've captured the rat tail to perfection!


Jeannette said...

Maybe I'll cut Liz's hair and give her a rat tail. I'll keep you updated, Fred.

Mac McRae said...

Just wait people. Rat tails are on the way back. After 300 - the sky is the limit. Every knuckle headed kid in the world will be rockin one. I am growing one now. And I am going to braid it like Lionitus. Or however you spell it.