Dear readers!

I´ve fallen off the face of this planet for some days,
printing large shitty images in darkened, muggy rooms
full with rows of computers and king-sized printers kinda
knocked me out for some days. Luckily, work breaks
don´t last THAT long for me, which kind of makes
up for my loose working habits.

So I browsed my own blog for some minutes,
and I noticed a weird decline in my style. I am too lazy
to cross-link around my own site now, but I wonder why I
didn´t follow the road I took with my early demon
drawings, or the "Mask" submission... Damn it, some of
those even have proper BACKGROUNDS! Instead,
I abadoned my Bic biro pens and drew bland stuff
with boring fineliners. Gah. Why?

See, that´s one of the benefits of having a blog -
you can dig around in it like in a sketch diary,
but it´s much more tidier and with a whole lot more
words and random nonsense, and it also has
loading times and crashes occasionally.

Correct me if you have a wildly different
view on my work, but looking back, it seems
that my best work is always the looser,
more expressive work, with some sort
of special "handwriting" in the lines - not
the slick, tidy, tame stuff. Nothing against
slick illustration, it has it´s own appeal,
but it´s not my strength. And I am going
to get back to that from now on. So see above:
I bought some nice new Bics. They are
lovingly cheap, and I love smearing around
with them.

Oh! And look at that. It´s the second half of
my pages in a book which is sort of a compendium
of our school. Can you guess where it is going
to be published? China.
Kazaam! My first time being published in
print, and it´s in CHINA! I haven´t seen
the pages of my colleagues yet, but I am looking
forward to seeing the final book. Geez, I hope I get
a copy of that.

I almost forgot about this project,
and it excites me quite a bit. Especially since three of my
all-time favourite pieces are in it (the other page has
german text and my "Demon with knifes" on it). Our
professors just keep on doing great projects lately.
(Or, more likely, they did that all the time and I didn´t
notice because I sat at home surfing the web all day.)


Jeannette said...

congrats on being published, i am still waiting for that day.

anyway, THIS is forever going to be my favorite style of yours.

Oooops, I mean THIS.

Maarit said...

I'm glad you're still alive, I was kind of wondering where you were! Good to see you're back to the biros again, the mixture of black and red outlines in this one is refreshing.

I've always liked your biro pen -drawings more than the fineliner -ones. They've got more detail, and seem somehow more relaxed and spontaneous. It looks like you think longer about each line when drawing with fineliner. Don't get me wrong, you've done some great stuff with it too, for example Pinocchio (I think that's a fineliner-piece?) You propably could make the fineliner-stuff work for you if you just kept doing it, but if it doesn't come naturally, and you already have something that you're great at, why bother! And imagine all the money you'll save this way...

The image on the right of the page (your mask-submission I think?) is one of my favourites so far, it's got almost something iconic about it. I can easily picture it on the cover of the future book "The early works of Frederik Jurk"!