Work in progress

I also posted this on IFN.

This is an almost finished illustration for a
text from our creative writing class, about a women
who is having a business-related dinner with her
boss, and he ordered his favourite meal for both of them,
but unfortunately, she is vegetarian. So she is struggling
with her meat while he continues talking and eating.

We are restricted to black and red (and their shades),
but that´s actually a welcome change.

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Maarit said...

A great piece! The atmosphere is really intense and distressing (I assume that's what you were going for). The relevant themes, food, power and social masks are well present in the picture. I also find certain restrictions in creative process sometimes kind of liberating; you have to come up with different kind of solutions, and that keeps you awake.

Is it customary in German to order for other people? I don't think it ever happens in Finland, actually it would be considered a bit rude. And I'm a vegetarian too, and I would tell him that. Is it a culture-specific thing? Or am I just being petty and taking the fun out of these kafkaesque situations..?