Whoa! A page full of txt!

A page from my nice orange sketchbook,
messing around with fonts a bit. I never really
cared for letters, but it´s nice making them up.

I have a class this semester where we work
with QuarkXpress, and it´s a proper nightmare
getting even the most basic things to work. I am
glad I chose Illustration and not Graphic Design
as my studying focus. And since everybody and their
mom can compose text on the PC these days,
nice handlettering will become more important
again. Take my word for it.


phoez said...

gotta love your style.
keep up

Maarit said...

Nice fonts, I especially like the one that says " a dull boy" in the bottom. I like hand drawn fonts, but I have never really used them much in my design work, they're surprisingly hard for me to draw (I never get them to look this cool). Seems to come naturally for you. I like the redesign you did on your blog too, now I can't actually even remember what it looked like before..

Thanks for asking me to join Illustration Friday Night! Actually I've been posting there with a shady alias Smilla Miu (I was going to post some raunchy images, haven't gotten around to it yet). Ha, I know I just totally blew my cover, but I was mostly hiding from my parents anyway, the buggers have an internet connection. Yes, I'm thirty and it's sad, but that's a whole other story. Anyway, I haven't posted for a loooong time, but I have planned on doing something for this week's topic. That if Steve hasn't kicked me out yet for slacking.

Coloribus said...

great fonts, i like also the composition of this page !

Jeannette said...

(that's funny what maarit wrote, i dont link to IFN on my blog because i dont want my mom to find it. when do we get over that fear, eh? when they become too old and senile to surf the web?)